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Artwork Setup

We are more than happy to print from artwork designed by somebody else. If you wish to supply your own design files for printing then please set your files up to the below specifications. Just ask us if you have any questions:

Letterpress and foil file setup instructions:

Letterpress and foil printing requires a specific artwork setup for the film to be made from. Please note that letterpress works best with vector files so designs created in Illustrator and InDesign work best. I do not recommend using Photoshop to create your designs as bitmap images do not come out very crisp and you do not get the best results. Also large areas of solid colour or reverse outs are not recommended. Letterpress works best for text and line work, large solid areas can result in a motley print.

  1. All text must be no smaller than 8pt

  2. All lines/strokes must be no thinner than .5pt

  3. Convert everything to outlines/paths

  4. Make everything 100% black CMYK eg C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100

  5. Supply the PMS Uncoated colour/s that you wish me to print (I mix the ink by hand)

  6. Supply a print-ready PDF file with crop marks and 3mm bleed to the above specs for each colour/part you want printed

  7. Supply a composite PDF for my reference when aligning 2 or more colours

Digital file setup instructions:

  1. Supply a print-ready PDF file with 3mm bleed and crop marks


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