6th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair

We returned once again to Carson for the 6th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair. It was a hot 38 degrees but an awesome day! I think it was even bigger and better than last year. I managed to pick up some more wood type and a few custom designed artwork pieces which was fantastic.

We were lucky enough, at both shows, to meet Carrie at Anemone Letterpress who is absolutely lovely. We asked if we could come see her set up in LA and she was delighted for us to come pay her a visit. Her new location is a great size and we got to see all of her amazing greeting card designs. Check out some of her work at www.anemoneletterpress.com

Of course we didn't go all the way to LA without a little bit of sightseeing! We hired a car and drove the 4 half hours to Las Vegas - loved it!

photo 1 (4).JPG

The Bellagio - They put on the most amazing water fountain display!

While in Las Vegas we visited Paula at Visionary Pen and she showed us her letterpress set up and some of her beautiful calligraphy work! Check out some of it at www.visionarypen.com

Back in LA we visited Universal Studios which I would highly recommend visiting if you are going to LA - I love minions!

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