7th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair

We returned once again to Carson for the 7th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair. I think it was the best fair yet - so many people! Graham and I got to run their Heidelberg for the day and explain to people how it worked and what it could do. Everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic about printing, it was wonderful!

Of course I couldn't go to the fair without picking up a few more bargains, prints, woodtype and printing treasures. My favourite designer Aspacia Kusulas (aspacia.minted.com) was there so I brought 3 more awesome prints off her to add to my "Wall of Inspiration". She also told us about a supplier in LA for ink so we decided to go pay Gans Ink a visit and they were so helpful.

It was only a short trip (4 days) but well worth it. We spent a day at Santa Monica Pier which is so beautiful and caught up with old friends. Love LA! xx

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